INSULLA®Cool Roof Tiles

Cool Roof Tiles

The Revolutionary Heat Reflective Cool Roof Tiles

A cool roof tiles is designed in such a way that it reflects more sunlight and absorbs less heat than a standard roof tile. Nearly any type of building can benefit from a cool roof tiles. Just as wearing light-colored clothing can help keep you cool on a sunny day, cool roofs material is designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. Insulla Cool Roofs reflect and emit the suns heat instead of absorbing it. By reflecting the heat of the sun instead of absorbing it, they keep buildings cooler and reduce the amount of energy needed to cool them. Coolness is measured by two properties: solar reflectance and thermal emittance. Both properties are measured from 0 to 1; the higher the value, the cooler the roof. Standard or dark roofs can reach temperatures upto 150°F or more in the summer sun. Insulla cool roof tile under the same conditions could stay 50°F cooler and save energy and money by using less air conditioning. Cool roof tiles helps in reducing bills by decreasing air conditioning needs, decreases roof temperature which in turn may extend roof service life.

Roof Tiles

INSULLA® Roof cool Tiles, designed specially to keep your home cool and pleasant. Made with advanced technology Shell Lime based CoolGrit Granules along with Aerogel composite, it has the power to lower surface temperature by up to 20ºC. Which not only keeps the heat out of your homes, but also brings down the use of Air Conditioners and electricity consumption. Installing INSULLA® tiles, the water resistance level of tiles is less than 7% which is superior when compared to the minimum values set by BIS at 10%. These roof insulation tiles are the only tiles which are made with Nano Titanium Dioxide, which is the most effective compound used globally in reduction of air pollution. It weighs less compared to conventional roofing system and is made of anti-skid properties which give a better grip and easy maintenance

Total Solar Reflectance - > SRI > 95%

Test certified by TUV, Singapore and Conforms to ECBC / LEED / IGBC Roofing standards.



  • Provides Thermal Insulation with Superior Passive Cooling Technique
  • Reduces Inside Room Temperature minimum 5 to 8 degree Celsius
  • Acts as a Good Water Resistant barrier
  • Replaces lime terracing; Hence Reduces the dead load of building
  • Very Cost Effective Compared to Other Insulation System
  • Eco-friendly Product – Provides Natural Air-conditioning
  • Complies with ENERGY STAR® & Cool Roof Rating Council Guidelines
  • Test certified by TUV, Singapore and Conforms to ECBC / LEED / IGBC Roofing standards.
  • Reduces use of AC; Hence lessens CFC emission
  • Reduces power consumption; Hence reduces electricity bill
  • Durable, light weight and high dimensional stability
  • Withstand considerable amount of load
  • Recyclable & Reusable for many times
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Stainfree & 100% washable
  • Tested by NABL Accredited Laboratory

Cool Roof Tiles

Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 1.45 - 1.5 gm/cm3
Water Absorption 7% (at sat. after 96hrs.)
Water Permeability Impervious to Water
Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) 96.0
Reflectance 0.77
Emittance 0.94
Abrasion Resistance 0.3 to 0.5 Max
IS Standard As per IS 1237 - 1980
Waterproofing 100% (Exterior Surface)
Surface Non-Skid
Unit wt 2.30 kg/Sq.ft

Mechanical Properties

Crushing Strength (28 days) 113.7 kg/cm2 (min)
Flexural Strength (7 days) 15Kg/cm2 (min)




Cool Roof Tiles

Fig. 1.1. Two Identical Rooms constructed for comparing the heat transfer conditions for different insulation materials.


image description

Fig.1.2. Over deck insulation with INSULLA® Tiles. Fig


Cool Roof Tiles

Fig.1 .3. Universal Input data acquisition system with 16 channel


  • A study by St.Xavier’s College (Civil / Mechanical Engineering institution) Nagerkoil- Tamil Nadu, India has shown that using INSULLA®– Roof Insulation Tiles can reduce 30-45 percent of electricity consumption.
  • By adopting this new innovative INSULLA® thermal insulation tiles, average heat flux entering into the room is reduced by 56 % compared to conventional RCC roof without insulation during office hours.
  • This new insulation will reduce the roof bottom surface temperature by 7°C in comparison with RCC roof without insulation.
  • The effectiveness of INSULLA® reflective tiles has been proved to save more than 40 % when compared with conventional clay tile insulation which is highly susceptible to water seepage causing serious damage to the roof

Conventional Roof temperature = 68°C

Roof Treated with INSULLA® - TILES = 43°C

Cool Roof Tiles

Fig.1.4 Graph Result

Heat flux infiltration into the room with respect to time of day for the roof with conventional clay tiles and the other with INSULLA® - Heat reflective tiles.

How does the INSULLA® – Cool Roof Tiles Works?

INSULLA® - Thermal Insulation Tiles applies the common physics principles of conduction, emissivity, absorptance, and most importantly reflectivity. Its highly reflective microscopic particle structure retards a majority of the radiant heat gain back to the environment from which it originated, mainly sunlight. Additionally, each Aerogel particle encapsulates air, thereby offering a slow path of thermal transfer. This high content of entrapped and stagnant air blocks thermal transfer very efficiently. In addition, the tile’s low emissivity allows for extremely low heat flux. The combination of these factors allows for total thermal dissipation across the surface. The unique composition of the Tile makes it extremely efficient for its thickness and prevents substrates from gaining heat, making those surfaces cooler to touch.


Aerogel is a material that is 98.2% of air in which spherical partials of average size (2-5nm). Aerogel has porus solid network that contains air pockets, with the air pockets taking up the majority of space within the material. Aerogel are good in the material insulators because they almost nullify two of the three methods of heat transfers (Convection, Conduction, Radiation). Aerogel are good insulators because they are composed almost entirely of gases, which are very poor heat conductors.

Cool Roof Tiles


  • Any type of old and new rcc roof top of buildings
  • Air Conditioned Buildings
  • Hospitals for providing better work environment
  • In Industrial Houses
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools
  • For green building as its application gives required credit points
  • Swimming Pool Bays
  • Temple Walk Ways
  • Residential complexes
  • Villas and
  • Office Buildings by reducing cost of air conditioning
  • Swimming Pool Bays
  • Temple Walk Ways
  • For Cold Storage and
  • Oil storage tanks
  • Apartments
  • Terrace of commercial buildings
  • Factories
  • Warehouses