Insulla Cool Roofing Tiles, Coating and Waterproofing Solution in Chennai

Our country enjoys warm, hot Tropical Weather in most parts. Summers get extremely hot and if staying indoors is impossible, going out is unimaginable, and in restrictive times, it gets very challenging. While artificial Cooling systems can be unhealthy causing various health issues, high in maintenance, burning a hole in the pocket, with upgrades often, you might wonder if there would be an efficient, natural, practical, long term, value on money and Natural reliable solution to this?! Yes, there is, Insulla! Offering a variety of cooling Tile solutions with aesthetic value as well.

Insulla Cool Roofs reflect the Sun’s heat, by reflecting the Solar heat, instead of absorbing it, they keep buildings cooler and reduce the amount of energy needed to cool them. Coolness is measured by two properties: Solar reflectance and Thermal emittance. Both properties are measured from 0 to 1; the higher the value, the cooler the roof. Standard or dark roofs can reach temperatures upto 150°F or more in the summer sun. Insulla cool roof tile under the same conditions could stay 50°F cooler and save energy and money. Cool roof tiles help in reducing bills by decreasing air conditioning needs, decreases roof temperature which in turn may extend roof service life. The Cool roof tiles are designed in such a way that they reflect more Sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof tile. Most building types are compatible and benefit  with the use of Cool roof tiles. Imagine, Light colored, cotton clothing, the feel it gives you on a scorching Hot Sunny day, Insulla Cool roofs do the same for your building, and you, the resident! 

The Roof Tiles are made employing deep research and advanced technology Shell Lime based CoolGrit Granules along with Aerogel composite, it has the power to lower surface temperature by up to 20ºC. Which not only keeps the heat out of your homes, but also brings down the use of Air Conditioners and electricity consumption. Installing INSULLA® tiles, the water resistance level of tiles is less than 7% which is superior when compared to the minimum values set by BIS ( Bureau of Indian Standards)  at 10%. These roof insulation tiles are the only tiles which are made with Nano Titanium Dioxide, which is the most effective compound used globally in reduction of air pollution. It weighs less compared to conventional roofing system and is made of anti-skid properties which give a better grip and easy maintenance.

Enlisting few of the many benefits: 

  • Reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat than a standard roof
  • Air-conditioned and Coolers arent needed or only a minimum usage. 
  • Low maintenance cost till the life of the roof.
  • Long Long Life, and the Terrace feels good by looks and strength once the Cool roof tiles are installed.
  • Reduce use of electricity and power consumption and decrease in the utility bills.
  • Environment friendly

Our prime products are INSULLA® Roof Cool Tiles, COOLON™ Cool Roof Coating, FILL-O-GROUT Roof Tile Grout & MARVEL™ Waterproofing Solutions.

INSULLA® cool roof tiles produced  by JAPEVA® ENGINEERING PVT.LTD, since 2011, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified – family-owned company.

Your Home is your Cool space, let it be really, naturally cool in the Hot Summers and keep you warm and cozy in all Weathers of Life! Install quality roof tiles for your homes, we are happy to answer and assist you in your queries, at +91-8056 345678, meanwhile visit us at

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