COOLON™ -Cool Roof Coating

cool roof coating

Aerogel Enriched Acrylic-based Cool Roof Coating

COOLON™ is a Nanotechnology Aerogel Enriched Acrylic-based Cool Roof Coating for Indoors & outdoors containing high-grade acrylic binder with highly reflective ingredients to reflect UV & IR rays. The product works as a heat-insulating and heat-reflecting, elastomeric, waterproof, anti-algae and contributes to optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings. COOLON™ – High Albedo Coating utilizes aerogel, the world’s best insulating material, to deliver ultra low thermal conductivity in a liquid applied coating. It considerably improves heat insulation and permits energy saving, drastically cutting the costs associated with the use of air conditioning during the summer with its dual reflecting and insulating effects.

Total Solar Reflectance - > SRI > 100%

Test certified by TUV, Singapore and Conforms to ECBC / LEED / IGBC Roofing standards.



  • COOLON™– Roof Insulation Two Part Coating System acts as an All in One Solution with the excellent property of Crack/Joint Filling, Waterproofing and Thermal Barrier Exterior Protective Coating.
  • Intensively blocking solar heat with the double-barreled effect of reflection and heat insulation
  • Reflecting the intense solar heat. The infrared High Solar reflectivity is over 100% - SRI
  • Reduction of roof heat about 5°C to 20°C
  • Save over 20-30% of your energy / electricity costs with the Nano Aerogel technology
  • Cost effective, with long-term savings and short payback period
  • Complies with ENERGY STAR® & Cool Roof Rating Council Guidelines
  • Excellent adhesion capabilities to all surfaces
  • Naturally Fungi retardant
  • Non-toxic: great for the families, the applicators and the environment
  • An aggressive scrubbing endurance; paint is hardy and extremely durable, self cleaning and maintenance Free
  • Reduces the dead load of building
  • Assists in inhibiting rust, corrosion and thermal expansion, ensuring durability
  • Tested by NABL Accredited Laboratory
  • Test certified by TUV, Singapore and Conforms to ECBC / LEED / IGBC Roofing standards.

Special Features of COOLON™ - Heat Reflective Coating

Using COOLON™-Cool Roof Coating saves installation time when compared to conventional insulation methods.
Maintains integrity and performance with regular foot traffic.

No cutting, taping or special fabrication necessary.

Eliminates the potential for surface corrosion or corrosion under insulation (CUI).

The coating is a non-combustible, non-flammable, Class A fire rated product

Two-part coating and has no "pot life"

Can be applied to working substrates up to 150˚C

Can easily be touched up after minor structural repairs. Cleans up with soap and water.


Conventional Roof temperature = 64.5°C

Roof Coated with COOLON™ = 42°C

Maximum surface temperature in COOLON™ - Roof Coated is 22.5°C less than the conventional roof surface temperature.

This result proves the continuous rejection of solar heat, preventing the roof from getting hot.


How does the COOLON™ - Cool Roof Coating work?

COOLON™ - Thermal Insulation Coating applies the common physics principles of conduction, emissivity, absorptance, and most importantly reflectivity. Its highly reflective microscopic particle structure retards a majority of the radiant heat gain back to the environment from which it originated, mainly sunlight. Additionally, each Aerogel particle encapsulates air, thereby offering a slow path of thermal transfer. This high content of entrapped and stagnant air blocks thermal transfer very efficiently. In addition, the coating’s low emissivity allows for extremely low heat flux. The combination of these factors allows for total thermal dissipation across the surface of the coating. The unique composition of the coating makes it extremely efficient for its thickness and prevents substrates from gaining heat, making those surfaces cooler to the touch.


Aerogel is a material that is 98.2% of air in which spherical partials of average size (2-5nm). Aerogel has porus solid network that contains air pockets, with the air pockets taking up the majority of space within the material. Aerogel are good in the material insulators because they almost nullify two of the three methods of heat transfers (Convection, Conduction, Radiation). Aerogel are good insulators because they are composed almost entirely of gases, which are very poor heat conductors.

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  • Any type of old and new rcc roof top of buildings
  • Air Conditioned Buildings.
  • In Industrial Houses
  • Shopping Malls,
  • Schools,
  • For green building as its application gives required credit points.
  • Swimming Pool Bays
  • Temple Walk Ways
  • Residential complexes
  • Villas and
  • Office Buildings by reducing cost of air conditioning
  • Swimming Pool Bays
  • Temple Walk Ways
  • For Cold Storage and
  • Oil storage tanks
  • Apatments
  • Terrace of commercial buildings
  • Factories
  • Warehouses